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Cisko Centre: Hotel and cultural complex

Restaurant La Kora

Authentic and Gourmet

Restaurant La Kora

The hotel restaurant is a friendly place and air-conditioned according to the season. Its bar and its proximity to the swimming pool create an original daily atmosphere. A small stage allows small groups to perform outside in the evening. Most of the dishes are prepared with local food and the freshly caught fish products will surely delight you (Monkfish, Soles, Dorades, Saint-Pierre, Badèches, Ombrines, Red carp, Jacks, Captains, Barracudas, Octopuses, Prawns , Lobsters, Spiders,…). You will also find a large selection of meat.


Hotel Cisko Center

Address: Cap Skirring / Senegal BP 64 

Informations : +221 33 990 39 21 / + 221 78 132 84 05

Email: cisko@ciskocentre.com

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