The Cisko center was designed for the discovery and development of culture. We offer you a range of activities and visits that will spice up your holiday. In the same spirit, we are particularly open to receiving cultural groups from many backgrounds.


Music is what drives Youssouph Cissoko. It has of course a privileged place within the Cisko center. Once a month a concert takes place on the big stage dedicated to Claude Nobs culminating each year in a big jazz festival. This stage is a springboard for young music groups who wish to perform and show their talent. The stage can be rented for your parties or other significant events.

Djembé lessons

The Djembe, the flagship instrument of all of West Africa, is above all an instrument that is played in groups. This is why sessions are addressed to a group of 5 to 10 people. Djembes are provided. Order your Djembe Package with your stay. The package is for a group of 5 to 10 people: – 2 hours of djembe per day for 3 days – refreshments – loan of equipment (djembes) – support from a troupe of local percussionists.

150 euros


We offer Yoga, swimming or aquagym lessons. In addition, the Cisko provides its customers with mountain bikes to visit Cap Skirring and its surroundings. Courses on demand

Rental of your bike with your order (15 euros per day)

African Art

Whether you are interested in the art of batik, wood carving or painting, our artists whose works line the hotel will be happy to accompany you in learning or deepening their discipline. Individual or group lessons with equipment provided.

Order your Art Package with your stay – 2 hours of lessons over 3 days (please specify in your order the discipline you are interested in) – refreshments – loan of equipment – ​​Package per day and per person

90 euros

Kora lessons

Instrument inseparable from the griot, bearer of the history of his ancestors, the kora is an integral part of the musical heritage of West Africa. For twenty years, it has been democratized to 'non-griots'. Many amateurs come to learn this sophisticated and beautiful instrument. Private lessons with instrument provided

Order your Kora package with your stay – 1.5 hours of lessons per day for 3 days – refreshments – loan of equipment (Kora) – Package per day and per person

75 euros

African danse

We offer African dance lessons in groups of 5 to 10 people. Accompanied by a troupe of local percussionists, dance teachers will teach you to follow, step by step, the wild rhythms of African culture.

Order your African Dance Package with your stay. The package is for a group of at least 5 to 10 people: – 2 hours of dance lessons for 3 days (Wolof or traditional dance) – refreshment – ​​support from a troupe of local percussionists

200 euros

Cultural Exchange


You are a cultural group and are looking for a place of expression, practice and deepening? Our hotel is made for you. We are particularly open to other cultural traditions to exchange with local artists. We have many modular spaces to offer you. Contact us to find out about our preferential rates.